In Solidarity from the BRAVE Study

To our communities, 

Over the past year the BRAVE Study has had the privilege of hearing the stories and experiences of young undocumented people and learning about their struggles, loss, growth, and activism. But in the aftermath of the latest election, we have also been witness to a renewed resurgence of fear and hostility across the country. As programs, such as DACA, hang in the balance of the current political climate, we recognize the deep precariousness, fear, and anxiety that many of our friends, family, and community members continue to live through each day. Yet we have also seen mobilization, organization, and active resistance against the systems and rhetoric of oppression. As one wise Standing Rock water protector stated, “Let us not operate out of fear. Let us operate out of hope, because with hope everything is possible.”

The BRAVE Study will always be here to re-affirm the fact that no one is illegal and that human rights are inherent to each of us, regardless of immigration status.

As a group of proud immigrants and children of immigrants, we call upon others to stand with us to fight for and preserve basic human rights for all threatened communities. Facing these uncertain times together, we ask organizations, institutions, and foundations to lend your influence and resources to protect basic human rights for immigrants and their families, regardless of the legal status assigned to them.

  • For schools, we ask that you provide sanctuaries for your students and work with other sectors to ensure that students and their families are protected both on campus as well as in the community.

  • For community health centers and hospitals, we ask that you provide sanctuaries to your patients and continue to provide health care to them in a safe environment, despite threats of Affordable Care Act repeal.  As Dr. Martin Luther King said, “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking of all.” 

  • For foundations with an equity agenda, we ask that you provide resources to organizations that are truly committed to defending human rights for immigrants and their families.  We ask that your funding opportunities seek to break down silos among organizations and to promote and support immigrant leaders who can rise up and defend their own rights.

The political and social climate may be changing in January, but the BRAVE Study remains committed to youth and their families, and sharing immigrant voices and stories. Now, more than ever, we stand with undocumented youth and their families.

In solidarity,

The BRAVE Study Team